Our milk has always been 100% Canadian. Like you, we are proud to exclusively support Canadian farms. Soon you’ll be able to find the Dairy Farmers of Canada logo on all of our Lactantia milk and cream.

Lactantia® has a
fresh new look!

Whatever your preference, there’s a Lactantia® milk for everyone. Look for it in our brand new packaging today!

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Lactantia® PūrFiltre Milk

The original filtered milk with a pure, fresh taste that stays fresher longer without preservatives.

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Lactantia® Lactose Free Milk

Enjoy Dairy Again with Lactantia® Lactose-Free Milk. Enjoy your milk. Enjoy your day!

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Lactantia® PūrFiltre Organic Milk

Lactantia® PūrFiltre Organic milk is as good for you as it tastes! Passed through the finest of filters, it stays fresher longer without preservatives.

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Lactantia® Butter

Trusted since 1947, Lactantia® Butter has earned the reputation for being the finest-quality butter with a smooth, rich and creamy taste.

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Lactantia® Creams

A wonderful way of adding rich taste and flavour to your coffees and a variety of dishes.

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