Lactantia® PūrFiltre Milk

The original filtered milk with a pure, fresh taste that stays fresher longer without preservatives..

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Lactantia® Lactose Free Milk

Enjoy Dairy Again with Lactantia® Lactose-Free Milk. Enjoy your milk. Enjoy your day!

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Lactantia® PūrFiltre Organic Milk

Lactantia® PūrFiltre Organic milk is as good for you as it tastes! Passed through the finest of filters, it stays fresher longer without preservatives.

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Lactantia® Butter

Trusted since 1947, Lactantia® Butter has earned the reputation for being the finest-quality butter with a smooth, rich and creamy taste.

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Lactantia® Creams

A wonderful way of adding rich taste and flavour to your coffees and a variety of dishes.

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