Lactantia® offers the first cream cheese spread with omega-3 fatty acids on the market. It’s smooth and creamy, so it spreads easily over toast, crackers, bagels, and more.

Lactantia® Cream Cheese is premium quality and tastes great on its own or in your best recipes.

Lactantia® Cream Cheese is premium quality. Tastes great on its own or in your best recipes, it can be used for cooking or baking.

The Lactantia® Light Cream Cheese contains 37% less fat than our Original Cream Cheese.

Lactantia® Traditional Spread is a vegetable oil table spread made with non-hydrogenated oils. Now with 0g of trans fat per 10g of serving, it is a healthier option compared to other margarines containing hydrogenated fats.

A delicious, buttery flavour with a touch of garlic flavour.